Classic OB

Presets for U-he Diva

Swan Audio presents a pack of 80 presets and 3 great looking GUI ‘skin’ variations to give an Oberheim style experience ‘in the box’ using u-he Diva. The presets were carefully selected and tirelessly modeled from my Oberheim OB8 creating what I believe is the most ‘analogue-like’ plugin polysynth experience to date. The 80 sounds are classic analogue style and intended to be playable, musical and inspiring – what analogue does best.

When first using Diva in truth I did not find the sound to be ‘that’ authentic analogue. It was only in tests with my analogue hardware that I realized it needs to be set carefully within certain parameters, then it can in fact sound very close to the real thing. This is what sets this soundpack apart – the sounds are modeled directly from an analogue synth by someone with a great deal of experience with them – not from a memory or idea of what one sounds like. Check out how close in this blind A/B test. Can you tell which is which?

But how does it stack up in a layered scenario in a track? You can listen to a blind A/B in a real world scenario ‘synth disco’ track… PS – the ‘top line’ the track starts with is is a Moog Source which is matched by the Diva Moog modules in the other example. I threw the Moog in there as I had it and so does Diva.

Feedback from customers:

“Love it! Easily the best sounding preset pack I’ve bought, and with a skin like that, how could I refuse? Thank you for putting the time and effort into making the pack. Great work” – Killstar 

cant afford that OB 6…but its all good. im here and damn fucking satisfied with this!” – Rapee Ape 

“I sold my OB8 which I hugely regret. Getting your soundset along with my new DIVA I also just got today, really does give me back, my OB-8 – it’s amazing ! You’ve really nailed the whole sound and experience of playing that synth… Great work !” JT


In the blind tests above – Diva with ‘Classic OB’ presets was Synth A. On Gearslutz producer forum and KVR plugin forum – more users picked Synth A to be the original OB8 or said they preferred it in a blind, unbiased test.

Get the soundpack ratified by two communities of music producers as sounding genuinely authentic or even better than the real thing!

‘Classic OB’ is priced at just £19.99 – checkout powered by Paypal.


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