Classic OB

Presets for U-he Diva

Swan Audio presents a pack of 80 presets and 3 great looking GUI ‘skin’ variations to give an Oberheim style experience ‘in the box’ using u-he Diva. The presets were carefully selected and tirelessly modeled from my Oberheim OB8 creating what I believe is the most ‘analogue-like’ plugin polysynth experience to date. The 80 sounds are classic analogue style and intended to be playable, musical and inspiring – what analogue does best.

When first using Diva in truth I did not find the sound to be ‘that’ authentic analogue. It was only in tests with my analogue hardware that I realized it needs to be set carefully within certain parameters, then it can in fact sound very close to the real thing. This is what sets this soundpack apart – the sounds are modeled directly from an analogue synth by someone with a great deal of experience with them – not from a memory or idea of what one sounds like. Check out how close in this blind A/B test. Can you tell which is which?

But how does it stack up in a layered scenario in a track? You can listen to a blind A/B in a real world scenario ‘synth disco’ track… PS – the ‘top line’ the track starts with is is a Moog Source which is matched by the Diva Moog modules in the other example. I threw the Moog in there as I had it and so does Diva.

Feedback from customers:

“I absolutely LOVE your Classic OB patches — that bank is easily the best DIVA bank I have found, and has also been really helpful for learning more about getting the best sound out of Diva. Excellent work!” Michael H.

“Love it! Easily the best sounding preset pack I’ve bought, and with a skin like that, how could I refuse? Thank you for putting the time and effort into making the pack. Great work” – Killstar 

cant afford that OB 6…but its all good. im here and damn fucking satisfied with this!” – Rapee Ape 


In the blind tests above – Diva with ‘Classic OB’ presets was Synth A. On Gearslutz producer forum and KVR plugin forum – more users thought Diva Classic OB presets were the original OB8 or said they preferred them in a blind, unbiased test.


‘Classic OB’ is priced at just £19.99 – checkout powered by Paypal.


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