I use your sounds most of the time now when writing, often in place of my analogue hardware…

Vito De Luca (Aeroplane)

Modern OB

80 presets for Diva modelled on the OB-6 with matching Modern OB skin for Diva

Classic OB

80 Classic sounds modelled from the OB-8 with matching Diva skin

Classic Mini

120 moog-a-licious patches and 3 Wood skins for u-he Diva

Night-Time Diva

140 synthwave u-he Diva patches with skins and Ableton sessions

Vintage Waves

Vintage-retro Xfer Serum presets

I love the authenticity of the Classic OB soundset, and used it on my debut album.


OB Bundle

Classic OB and Modern OB bundled at a great price for 160 presets and two awesome skins

Analogue Hits

127 U-he Diva patches inspired by Hit Records…

Classic Prophet

Classic Prophet 5 patches for U-he RePro5

Neptune Funk, Soul and Disco

The ultimate Funk, Soul and Disco presets from Luke Neptune

Warm Future

Warm u-he Diva presets for modern electronic music styles

Your presets for Diva are the best out there…

Sean McC

Honestly you created some very great products here…

Martin Landsky

Just wanted to say your presets have really changed my relationship with Diva and softsynths in general…

Andrew A

Its easily the best sounding preset pack I’ve bought – I love it!


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