Classic Mini

The ultimate Mini experience for u-he Diva

Swan Audio presents a pack of 120 sounds with Walnut, Mahogany and Maple wood-effect skins for U-He Diva, designed to evoke the ultimate Minimoog experience ‘in the box’…

The sounds were influenced by and emulate some of the coolest tracks in the history of this synth, to provide a pack which demonstrates exactly why it’s regarded as a such a classic.

There are a huge range of fat and funky Bass (50+) and Lead sounds, and because Diva is also polyphonic, there are also some ‘Memory’ inspired polyphonic sounds as well to complement the pack…and in typical Swan Audio style they will shock you with how playable and realistic they sound…

 Check out the sounds demo opposite featuring keyboard skills from Luke Neptune and a few classic tributes from Swan Audio. 


Think one of the other emulations might be better? Take a bind test opposite with Classic Mini sounds in Diva compared to a real analogue emulation. Easy to guess which is A and which is B…?

At Swan Audio we support U-He Diva as the best all round emulation in sound, function and usability. This pack has been designed to highlight it’s Mini credentials…the sounds are so deliciously moogy it ‘might’ make you reconsider which emulation is best…


Just bought your Classic Mini set – absolutely love it – with sounds like these who needs hardware!

John Taylor

Awesome, both the presets which are designed to sound like existing songs, and the original ones…


‘Classic Mini’ is priced at just £19.99 – checkout powered by Paypal

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