Swan Audio is a sound design project from Stephen Wright aka ‘SWAN808’ on the producer forums, a London based musician and sound designer. Despite being from the computer music generation and growing up using digital plugins, I was strongly influenced by music made with analogue synths and equiptment. This means I have developed an informed view of both sides of the analogue/digital spectrum, having owned and tested not only plugins, but also over 20 analogue synths. A core idea of Swan Audio is to take this knowledge of analogue characteristics, and instil it as closely as possible into the presets creating sounds that are musical, useful and invoke the spirit of analogue whilst in the box.

As a producer myself, I do my absolute best to provide packs of genuine value and use for other producers, so when you pay money, you really get something worth it….I love hearing from people so please let me know what you think in the form below, and you can sign up to the newsletter for discounts and if you would like to be kept in touch about new releases…

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