Juno 6 - for Diva

60 Sounds from Polydata and Swan Audio

Swan Audio presents a pack of 60 sounds for U-he Diva programmed by Polydata, curated and supported by Swan Audio.

Polydata is a sound designer with a great ear for the analogue aesthetic, and we are proud to present this collaboration of sounds with their skills  to bring out the Juno in our favourite emulation – Diva.

The pack is specifically focussed on the early Juno era and includes the ‘Junowave’ skin to accompany the sounds. The ‘Soundbank ’82’ sub-title is based the year that the Juno 6 was released and reflects the early era Juno style sounds.

We are delighted with the results in presenting the character of this classic machine, and couldn’t resist adding some Swan Audio sounds into the pack to round out the collection…making this a truly exclusive collaboration.


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