OB Bundle

Presets for U-he Diva

The ‘OB Bundle’ is a strikingly convincing collection of 160 Oberheim style sounds based on the OB-8 and OB-6. The bundle is a discounted ‘Classic OB’ and ‘Modern OB’ collection that combines all of the sounds into one stunning pack for a great price – primed to make great music and inspire and delight analogue synth lovers. To top it all off there are realistic skins of the two original synths the sounds are based on, to accompany the sounds and elevate the experience.

Diva has tremendous ability to capture the Oberheim character, and this pack includes all the sweet musical sounds you would love to have from the expensive hardware. We have spent a long time collating these classic sounds and tweaking against the hardware. This bundle will set you up with an inspiring library of super-accurate sounds and give you the surprising feeling almost like you are playing a hardware instrument…


Getting your soundset along with Diva really does give me back my OB8 – its amazing! You really nailed the whole sound and experience…
John T

I absolutely LOVE your Classic OB patches — that bank is easily the best DIVA bank I have found. Excellent work!
Michael H

Just wanted to let you know I recently purchased this soundset and its totally blown me away…I’ll be watching for others…

‘OB Bundle’ is priced at just £29.99 – (25% bundle discount) – checkout powered by Paypal.

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