Vintage Waves

Warm retro sounds for Serum

‘Vintage Waves’ is a pack of 120 retro style sounds for Xfer Serum using Waves from vintage instruments such as Oberheim, Roland, Arp, Moog and a few digital machines, alongside the excellent waveforms included with Serum.

I have used all of my experience with analogue synths to carefully set Serum to emulate the warmth of analogue gear, and have been surprised by how good the results turned out…It may not be renown for its warmth, but this pack has tone and weight that might make you double-check that you are really playing Serum…



 One of the reasons for this is the use of long samples from an Oberheim OB8, including 16 analogue oscillator unison samples loaded into Serum…This creates wavetables that feature real analogue movement such as detuning and pulse width modulation, which are then further manipulated and layered in Serum. This combination of analogue and digital technology results in some stunningly lush sounds….

…And it doesn’t end there. Alongside the analogue there is also a dash of vintage digital in the set to provide that digital sparkle and contrast to the warm analogue style sounds, sourced from some classic digital machines and the Serum library…

Full listing of the presets below:

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