Warm Future

Warm and Modern Presets for U-he Diva
‘Warm Future’ is a sound pack which takes the warm tone of Diva beyond classic emulation and into the future, for a huge pack of 145 inspiring sounds focussed on modern electronic music styles…

DIVA stands for ‘Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue’ and whilst the original synthesizer dinosaurs were analogue, Diva is a digital dinosaur so has a host of additional features which are thoroughly explored. The result is a hybrid soundset somewhere in between modern and classic styles – still fat and warm – but more relevant for modern music. Particular attention is given to adding movement to the sounds, which is most often controlled by the mod wheel which adds cutting edge style and modulation…


Popular electronic music was studied to create a pack focussing on keys, bass and leads which make up the core of many modern ‘Future’ styles. There are also Arps, Pads and FX to make a fully rounded, relevant pack of sounds ready to inspire fresh productions.

With ‘Warm Future’ you will see that dinosaurs can rule the future as well as the past….

Even though I have several analogue synths, Warm Future has now become my go-to when writing new tracks…

Instantly accessible sounds – been caning them on our production sessions with Sasha
Dennis White

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